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The best supplier (Quality Notes online)
07/30/2020 01:29:02 AM
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The look and feel of a banknote is key for trust and recognition in circulation. Before a large banknote order is
printed, we produce prototypes and sample banknotes for the central bank. These can be used to check whether the design
and security features integrate perfectly. The higher the quality of the banknote, the better it meets its requirements
in the Cash Cycle. To this end, we assess the quality of our notes during each individual production step to get to the
root of possible causes for rejection. These findings are then used to refine the production process. And before
shipping, each individual note is checked again by our exceptional BPS X9 banknote processing system.

phone/whatsapp: +1(678) 304-8569  
Location: Los Angeles, California - United States
Contact: Mason @ 6783048569
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