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Moobs Correction in Chandigarh
07/16/2019 05:36:53 AM
07/16/2019 05:36:53 AM
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Gynecomastia is the term used for abnormal enlarged male breast. It is a common condition and affects more than 40% of the males. Male breast correction surgery is the way out to get rid of the fatty tissues/glands and get a flat and masculine chest. It is a keyhole surgery and thus leave minimal scar and that too gets fade away with the passage of time. The results of gynecomastia are permanent. VM Plastic Surgery Center is the first center that provides exclusive facilities for plastic surgery including cosmetic surgery in the City Beautiful, Chandigarh. Dr. VD Singh, chief consultant at this center is a senior plastic surgeon who has successfully performed more than8000 surgeries over the span of 30 years. Visit us at: 
Location: Chandigarh, Punjab - India
Contact: VD @ 9815335532
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