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Flexo Photopolymer Plate Making Machine with ET+WD (24X30)
05/29/2019 11:57:17 PM
05/29/2019 11:57:17 PM
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Flexography India Press is a Global Manufacturer & Exporter of Flexo photo polymer plate making machine, Rubber stamp making machine, Solvent Recovery Equipment…etc. for Flexographic printing industries…FIP Group’s Head quarter in the Viramgam and Manufacturing plant in Ahmedabad, Gujarat,India.

FEATURES OF WASHOUT UNIT:- very easy access design . special bristle good for all kind plates washout ,suitable for Perc+NBA and green chemicals. Excellent result for 200LPI #1% reproduction.

FEATURES OF DRYING UNIT:- Drying drawer with uniform heat distribution . Temperature adjustable by a Precise controller. Unique air circulation and exhaustion design. over heat sensor for safety and Protection.

FEATURES OF EXPOSURE UNIT :- Instant light up Philips high intensity lamps. Unique digital timers for back/main exposure. Excellent lamps cooling/exhausting system, Quick vacuum drawdown pump with indicator.

FEATURES OF TREATMENT UNIT :- Chemical free, easy operation. Digital timer for light finishing control. Philips UVC high intensity lamps equipped with powerful air exhausting for big size models.
Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat - India
Contact: Mehul @ 9408279360
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