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space for spirituality 1498 rmb 120 minutes
02/01/2019 01:58:10 AM
02/01/2019 01:58:10 AM
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Conplimentary refreshments, perfect enjoyment of body and soul to the best health status.
Suitable for twitchy people especialy when too much yang in the liver that make him irritable.Different kinds of high-quality essential oils are available to nourish your body.
When the gentle music play, please be relex and relieved to enjoy the elegance in Heavenly Spa-- Drizzling softness from flowing water with sweet fragrance can bring you to the space for spirituality. Noise and stuffiness will be overwhelmed by the gentle music, seems we were at an golden beach with blue sky and white clouds, cool breezes from the endless sky and sea,spoondrift flowing over the beach and sea water with foams slowly retreating to the sea. Here, you can relax your body and interact with your beautiful soul.
Beijing massage VICI massage center
Thematic massage.Chinese massage, essential oil massage, romantic SPA
Take a warm bath and clean up skins and good different massage dfferent services,Pamper your body-etc
we can out call massage
All year all day 24 hours anytime Welcome to you,WeChat ID 15910791248
Location: Amsterdam, Amsterdam - Netherlands
Contact: mark
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